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10 hot travel accessories for snowbird inflight to the tropics

With much of the country suffers from freezing temperatures you can bet your faux furs that anyone who can is escaping to the sun somewhere in the world from Florida to French Polynesia. If you're one of these snowbirds, here's some hot travel accessories of 2014 to consider taking along for the ride.

These fashionable wraps go anywhere
Simple Sarongs

Beaching it--Bring your Noblo Umbrella Buddy, a practical, problem-solving product that anchors umbrellas for safety and sun protection. Invented by two moms to stop fly away beach umbrellas (and the injuries that can result from this), it’s a snap to use with three easy steps: Fill Noblo with sand, 2) velcro to beach umbrella, and 3) relax at the beach. Noblo will take care of your beach umbrella. Price is $16.50 at

Wrap it up, perfect for cruise ship, Caribbean resort of French Polynesia, the Simple Sarongs are a swimsuit cover-up innovation that saves precious packing space by combining the must-have beach towel with the versatility and beauty of a sarong. How do Simple Sarongs roll:

Sexy footwear, rule of toe when hitting a chic beach resort, feet must look glam and SunSandals' do the trick with a distinctive design that can be worn comfortably with or without flip flops for a relaxed casual feel, an everyday outing, barefoot outing, barefoot in the sand, in the water or on a boat. SunSandals make a statement and accentuate a chic dress or favorite pair of shoes. Designed with a high grade elastic cording and superior quality beads, the material used in their products are second to none. SunSandals offer their barefoot sandals in three sizes to fit anyone's feet flawlessly. Cost is $15.99 at

My Cabana Boy--Tired of asking for help applying sunscreen? Meet My Cabana Boy, the new tool to apply sunblock to all of the hard to reach spots especially your back, shoulders and back of legs. This one of a kind adjustable, innovative plastic design provides extra reach to maximize the amount of spray. My Cabana Boy works with all standard sunscreen and self-tanning sprays currently on the market including the following: Banana Boat, Bullfrog, Coppertone, Hawaiian Tropic, Neutrogena, Ocean Potion, Panama Jack, Australian Gold, Sun Bum and more. Priced at $13.99 at

Cape Cod Shoe Supply--Almost like being barefoot...turk's knot braided flip flops are made of twice-washed cotton rope and a soft rubber/EVA bottom. You'll forget you have them on. Check out the details:

Sells for $39.50 at

Pack your Bogg Bag. Use at the beach, pool, gym, school, for shopping or play, the Bogg Bag comes in three great sizes and many great color options. You'll look great carrying them wherever you go. Want to make your Bogg(TM) unique? Customize and accessorize with fun Bogg(TM) bits accessories. Fun. Functional. Fashionable. $59.99 at

Sphinx (Castle & Bay), only product that bridges the gap between inflatable loungers and hard chairs. Great for the beach or patio, park or pool, the Sphinx makes reading, relaxing or sunbathing while lying in the prone position amazingly comfortable. Its versatility allows for using face up, as a chair or meditation cushion, a table tray for lunch or using your laptop. As an added benefit you can use the chest piece as a kick board or float in the water. The multi-functional Sphinx media holder has a strap that holds book pages open or secures a Kindle, has a cup holder and is also a small cooler for snacks or storage. The two piece Sphinx weighs only 2 lbs and takes 12 breaths to inflate and deflates to the size of a loaf of bread. Costs $49.95 at

Hello-Beach bags, Inspired by shell-collecting kids, these darling beachcomber bags are perfect for collecting treasures, or rocks along seaside or lake. Beach totes made of 100 percent cotton fabric for the top of the bag and unique mesh bottom allows for the sand to sift out and can be rinsed directly in the ocean. Cost $20.99 at

Get that sand right off of your body with Sand Gone, a dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your self removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. Works on both wet and dry sand - it is like a shower in a jar. All natural ingredients with a coconut fragrance. Sells for $12.95 at

ShowNo works as a bath towel, a cover up and a changing towel all in one. It’s great for kids to use to dry off on their own. Costs $19.99 at

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