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10 Hot photos of Rafael Nadal's girlfriend Maria Xisca Perello in 2014

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The following is a slideshow of 10 hot photos of Maria "Xisca" Perello who is the longtime girlfriend of tennis star Rafael Nadal. As you can see in the photos, Maria Perello, who is also known by the nickname Xisca, is a very pretty woman.

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10 Hot photos of Rafael Nadal's girlfriend Maria Xisca Perello in 2014

Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello have known each other since they were little. The couple started dating when they were teenagers, and have been together ever since.

While Rafael Nadal has a somewhat brash playing style on the tennis court, most accounts of him off the court are that he is a shy and reserved person. By all accounts, Xisca Perello is the perfect complement for Rafael Nadal. Xisca does not seek publicity and she causes no problems for someone who is shy and reserved.

What I mean by that is that Xisca Perello never does anything crazy or outlandish that would attract media attention, so Rafael Nadal never has to worry about answering questions or dealing with the media regarding his personal relationship with Xisca.

While Rafael Nadal was concentrating on his tennis career, Maria Xisca Perello was attending university. Maria Perello graduated from college with a degree in business administration.

Even though Xisca Perello does not seek media attention, most tennis fans have seen her as she attends most of Rafal Nadal's tennis matches. Xisca obviously has a great relationship with Rafael Nadal's family, as she most often sits with Rafael Nadal's mom and sister at tennis matches. Most accounts say that Xisca is good friends with Nadal's sister, Maria Isabel.

Rafael Nadal has recently said that he wants to get married and have a family. He also said he is not in a huge hurry to do so, but obviously he is going to marry Maria Xisca Perello and have kids in the future.

The biggest obstacle to Rafael Nadal starting a family now is that he feels he spends too much time traveling for his tennis career to devote enough time to a family. But once his career starts slowing down, it's clear Rafael Nadal is already prepared for the future including having a family with Xisca.

Hope you enjoy the photos of Xisca Perello in the slideshow. Watch for Xisca at Rafael Nadal's tennis matches this year.