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10 HOT Items to Sell on eBay

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As an Education Specialist trained by eBay, my students ask me all the time about hot items that sell well on ebay. Here is a list of 10 items that I do well with whenever I list them on ebay.

1. Starbucks mugs

People love their coffee and ebay buyers love their Starbucks mugs. Always buy them when you find them at a thrift store for $1!

2. Sterling silver

It might be time to raid Granny's china cabinet and find your old baby silver cup. Silver sells for over $22 per ounce and buyers ARE out there buying!

3. Dolls

The doll market is hot. Older, collectible dolls are highly sought after. A couple of weeks ago I sold 10 storybook dolls from the 1940's for over $600! Again, check Granny's actic!

4. Hunting knives

Who knew about this niche market, but there are many knife collectors looking for old pocket knives and other cool looking knives!

5. Copper cookware

With the popularity of cooking TV shows, good cookware is essential to the avid cook. Time to get the (fire) out of the kitchen- I mean copper out of the kitchen.

6. Niche non- fiction books

Gently used books sell well on eBay, especially if you have a quirky subject or topic! No fiction please! Rummage sales often have $3.00 per bag sales. Use your iPhone eBay app to see if you've hit the jackpot before buying and you'll come home a real winner!

7. Men's silk ties

Even in our casually dressed society, men still have to wear ties occasionally. How about a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead tie? Goodwill thrift stores have racks of ties reasonably priced. Easy to ship, can't break, good profit!

8. Plush toys

Who said you can't sell Beanie Babies? Well I do. Enough said, buy low sell higher. Quick flips, not like the high profits of yesteryear, but steady profits.

9. Collections

have you ever known a person who collects baseball cards? They buy and buy and buy. The same is true for all types of collections. Frogs, Disney pins, matchbook covers. Selling a collection as a lot is good business. Higher profits, one box to ship!

10. Cowboy boots

If you find a name brand, for a good price, buy to resell is a sure bet with cowboy boots. Look for top quality workmanship and you are likely to make some good money!

I've sold all of the above items recently on eBay. The Sterling Silver and Copper items were very profitable! I'm going to head out and hunt for more of that right now! Happy Selling!




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