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10 Heart shaped foods to make for Valentine's Day (no cookie cutter necessary)

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what to cook for your loved one. Even if you're not the greatest chef in the kitchen, there's one way you can make the meal even more special -- by making heart-shaped foods. Here's several (easy!) ones to consider, many of which you don't even need a heart cookie cutter.

Small heart-shaped pizza

Heart-shaped pancakes

Heart-shaped bacon

Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls

Heart-shaped Nutella sandwich cookies

Tomato soup and heart-shaped grilled cheese

Heart-shaped tortilla chips - you can make these without the cookie cutter, but it's easier with.

Heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats

Heart-shaped potato skins - cookie cutter is beneficial

Heart-shaped hot dogs

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