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10 Health Tips for the New Year!

10 Health Tips for the New Year!
10 Health Tips for the New Year!
Live Deliciously.
There are several health changes a person can focus on for the new year. Choosing a few to start can help you narrow your focus. It will also help you develop stronger skills for a better chance for them to stick longer than just the month of January.
Take a peek at the Top Ten health changes Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN recommends her clients to focus on for the New Year.
1. Start eating breakfast with a Protein and Fiber source
2. Figure out how many calories or energy you need (Women: 11 X your weight; Men: 12 X your weight)
3. Try to stay under 12 grams of added sugar per day
4. Eat Snacks throughout the day
5. Try new foods
6. Eat 3 Full cups of veggies per day
7. Move at least 30 minutes per day
8. Have a healthy fat with lunch
9. Try a new WHOLE grain
10. Avoid high fructose corn syrup


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