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10 great fitness tips you need to know

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Health club
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There are thousands of exercise tips online that you can find, many of them are good tips, many of them are common sense. The ones in this list are tips that you may not know and you may have never heard them. these are good tips that will help protect you as you exercise, and also help your exercise to be more productive. Safety tips especially are not something you want to find out after you're injured.

1. Warm up correctly. Many people will warm up on a treadmill or jumping jacks etc. The best way to warm up before you work out is to warm up the muscles you are going to be working. If you are doing Chest and back for example, do your warmup with some bench press with just the bar and some lat pulldowns with very low weight. This will get your muscles warm and also help to stretch them out with light weight so you will be less likely to get injured when you’re doing your work sets.

2. Stretch between sets. After you finish a set on a muscle, stretch that muscle for 20 or 30 seconds before next set. This will loosen the muscle up and give you a better next set. It will also increase your strength according to a recent study in Boston.

3. Don’t wear a weight belt. The only time you should wear a weight belt is if you are doing lifts that you're going for a max lift on squats, deadlifts, and overhead press. Wearing a weight belt while you are doing normal sets during a workout has been shown to give no benefit, and it may also weaken your abs and lower back muscles over time.

4. Don’t exercise if you're sick. If you exercise when you're sick, your body will use the resources that it takes for your muscles to recover away from fighting your sickness and it will take you longer to heal. The exception is if you just have a head cold. Take a break and let your body heal. You won’t get a great workout anyway if you're sick.

5. Don’t take a pain relief pill after workouts. Research at University of Arkansas medical sciences division have shown the taking Tylenol, or other pain relief pills after a workout will not give you any relief, and it may also retard the muscle growth that you just worked for.

6. Always keep stats. Keep stats on your workout weight and reps, and also keep stats on your body. Once a month you should do body measurements and weigh yourself. Having these stats will show you visible change in your body and show results, to show that you are getting something for all your hard work. It’s good to see as well as motivation to keep it up.

7. Count your reps backwards. Many people find it more motivating to count down your reps instead of up. Your mind will push harder to get to the last rep going down than it will going up. If you're going for 10 reps, the last one is easier if it’s 1 as opposed to it being 10. Try it and you will see.

8. Save your shoulders. Pushups are one of my favorite exercises, you get so much benefit from the work you do. When doing push ups, keep your elbows in close to your body. I have done thousands of pushups with my elbows out wide to work the chest harder. If you do them with your elbows in, it still works your chest, but it works the triceps harder and it it so much easier on your shoulders.

9. Do your exercises in the right order. Start with dumbbell exercises, dumbbells work smaller stabilizer muscles that get fatigued easier. next go to barbell exercises, they don’t use the smaller stabilizers as much. Finish with machines, the machines don’t require hardly any of the stabilizer muscles because the machine does the stabilizing for you on most lifts.

10. When cycling stay on the seat. When cycling try to keep your pedal pace between 80 and 110 rpm’s. If you stay seated and use your gearing to keep your pace in this range, you will be able to pedal farther and faster with much less knee strain and you will not get fatigued.

Most everyone agrees that we all need to exercise, I feel that if you have to do it, you should get the very most out of ever exercise you do while your doing it. These tips are some that I have found over the years to be very effective and will help you get the most benefit out of the time you put into your workouts. They really do work, give them a try.

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