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10 Games in 2010 that failed to live up to their potential (Part 5)

Front Mission Evolved

“Front Mission Evolved” is exactly the kind of game you would expect when a tactical role-playing franchise gets turned into a third-person, mech shooter and its developer is the studio that most recently made “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.” In other words, it wasn’t very good. At best an “Armored Core” knockoff with a ridiculous storyline, “Front Mission Evolved” simply wasn’t that much fun to play. Building your own mech and outfitting it with weapons has its appeal, but the repetitive and unpolished nature of Square Enix’s mech shooter severely lessened its appeal. Even the prospect of going online and killing your buddies with a humongous, machine-gun wielding robot wasn’t enough to warrant investing the time and money in “Front Mission Evolved.”

The reason why it was such a disappointment, though, was because “Front Mission Evolved” bears the name of a truly awesome RPG series that Square Enix has been neglecting for years. Fans have been yearning for a dose of turn-based, mech-killing fun on current gen consoles, and the fact that Square Enix wasted the time making a generic, robot-shooter instead of a true installment in the franchise is as baffling as it is frustrating.

Mafia II

Don’t get me wrong --”Mafia II” is a fun game. With its gripping storyline full of betrayal and murder and its action-packed gunfights, “Mafia II” was an enjoyable experience. However, as fun as “Mafia II” was, it was far from perfect. The missions were far too linear, the gameplay was riddled with inconsistencies and flaws that caused irritation, the game was far too short and the ending was shockingly abrupt. While this might be acceptable for any other “Grand Theft Auto” clone, “Mafia II” fails to live up to the prestigious reputation of its predecessor, “Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.”

The original “Mafia” was more than just a “Grand Theft Auto” clone. It defined itself as a PC classic with its adherence to mobster flicks and early Americana. The fact that the gameplay took the best of “Grand Theft Auto” while still making the art of driving, shooting and killing feel fresh and unique certainly didn’t hurt anything either. “The Godfather” tried to replicate what made “Mafia” such a humongous success, but even with the film’s licensing it failed. Unfortunately, “Mafia II” doesn’t fare much better. It’s a good game, but when you’re the successor to one of the best PC games ever made, good just doesn’t cut it.

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  • gfmgtfc, 4 years ago

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  • James 4 years ago

    Love how you state kinect as a failure yet it outsold move and has brilliant potential

  • Anonymous22 4 years ago

    lol wut

    there's a big difference between sales and living up to its potential. people buy crap all the time --it doesn't mean it's anything but crap.

    and potential means absolute dick. i didn't spend 150 bucks for a product that COULD be good.

  • Jesus 4 years ago

    Firstly, this is an awful website. Congrats.

    Secondly, I agree with James.

    Thirdly, Kinect is not a game. You are retarded. Straight to hell for you.

    And lastly, no images? No video? No text formatting within paragraphs? Feels like 1999, get with the times old man.

  • Profile picture of Mark Fujii
    Mark Fujii 4 years ago

    The lack of images, video and text formatting you can thank to Examiner. My apologies for having a completely bare bones article, but the restrictions implemented by the new site layout doesn't allow for much in the way of aesthetic alterations.

    As for the Kinect, indeed it's not a game. It's a piece of hardware. I still thought it was worth mentioning because it's still woefully inaccurate and I can't find a reason to play it outside of Dance Central.

    Thanks for reading.

  • EATit 4 years ago

    @James: They're both a waste of money, quit kidding yourself.

  • Anonymouss 4 years ago

    A top-10 list with two entries per page?

    Stop fishing for page-hits and just work on making the website a little more enjoyable.

  • Profile picture of Mark Fujii
    Mark Fujii 4 years ago

    The funny thing is that the very reason why I have to make these articles two-entries-per-page is because Examiner chose to implement the most inane and inefficient page layout ever devised by man. By narrowing the column and throwing loads of crap into the margins, I now need to partition my articles to avoid wall-of-text syndrome.

    Am I fishing for hits? Considering that I lose nearly 40% of readers with each subsequent page, I'm barely getting any additional traffic.

  • AlexTia 4 years ago

    cheers, enjoyed that list. ignore the pricks

  • lolwut 4 years ago

    Agree with AlexTia

    Buncha haters on Examiner lol

  • Jr 4 years ago

    Kinect and Move both still have yet to reach potential so its a shot in the dark at this time to determine their success talk all the sales you want but most buyers wait till concrete evidence its not a a waste. The only game I don't agree with other then the software was MAG, there was advertisement but not really all that much it, it was pretty sparse compared to any other fps seen which is a appointment's for what advertisement is meant for, kinda as if the 256 player game play was its sell point. As far as gameplay I would rate it a much better gameplay experience then COD black Ops the onlything I truly miss from COD is being able to cook the grenade.

  • DCBronco 4 years ago

    Mark, maybe you should have read the article about Kinect having the ability to have better accuracy but that it is limited by USB 2.0. MS is working on compression that should allow them to quadruple the accuracy.

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