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10 fun and random facts about author Deanna Klingel

Author Deanna Klingel
Deanna Klingel

Deanna K. Klingel lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with her husband of fifty years and golden retriever, Buddy. It's a quiet household now, but at one time, with the house full of seven children, exchange students, guests from Scottish Rite Children's Hospital (before Ronald McDonald Houses there was Hospital Host Homes), and friends of all ages, the active household was a fun place to be.

Deanna is originally from Michigan, but after leaving Michigan State University with her high school sweetheart-husband, the couple moved every two years for the next twenty years before slowing down in Atlanta for the next eighteen. They retired to the mountains, where they are active at their local parish, and operate a community dog park; Dave works at real estate, Deanna writes, and Buddy plays ball. Deanna travels with her books, and enjoys meeting readers around the southeast.

Look for or place an order for Deanna's books at your local Grand Rapids bookstores, such as Baker Book House, located on East Paris Ave., S.E.

Visit Deanna online at

Now, Deanna takes a moment to answer 10 fun and totally random facts about herself.

1. Least favorite household chore: My least favorite chore is vacuuming. Is this not the most boring waste of time ever?

2. What makes you laugh? I like funny jokes, told or enacted by funny people. Like Lucille Ball or Carole Burnette and Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. Weren't they the funniest combination ever? I laugh just as hard at their reruns. They are just plain funny.

3. Favorite cookie: My sister-in-law makes amazing sugar cookies. My kids used to drool thinking about them. No one was ever able to make them even using her recipe. My oldest daughter has been experimenting with Aunt Margie's recipe for a few years and this year she brought them to family Christmas. She did it! As big as saucers, slightly brown on the edges, chubby, covered in sugar, and light as a feather. Gone in two seconds.

4. Favorite board game: Depends on the time of my life. As a kid I loved Uncle Wiggly, then Monopoly. Then Life. Then Scrabble. I still like Scrabble. Now I love to play Mexican Train though it's not a board game; it's dominoes.

5. Cause you are most passionate about: The cause I am most passionate about is Right to Life. In my point of view, animal rights fall in that category as well. We need to care for all God's creation.

6. Favorite childhood book: Usually every book I read as a child became my absolute all time favorite. But, looking back, I think Wind in the Willows, Little Women, and The Five Little Peppers are the ones I remember most fondly. Oh, and Jungle Book. Oh, and Water Babies. Oh, oh...after reading Toby Tyler I wanted to join the circus.

7. Favorite part of the writing process: The rewrite. It feels so good to have the story all told, all in front of me. I know where it begins, what happens, and where it ends. Now the fun begins. Scrub it and polish it, reword, rework. I'm like a train, chugging around the train yard, switching tracks, working, backwards, forwards, in and out of the station. Finally there's a destination. I'm off, building steam, gaining speed,rolling down those rails... woohoo...

8. What did you have for breakfast this morning? My breakfast doesn't vary much. I eat a poached egg, a half grapefruit, and a piece of raisin toast. Every day. I know. Boooring.

9. Book on your nightstand: The book on my nightstand is the one I finished two weeks ago. I loved it so much I haven't moved it yet. A Noble Treason by Richard Hanser. It is the best book I've read in a long time. I might read it again. I never do that, but this was just so good.

10. When did you first get serious about writing? I think I first got serious about writing when I won a short story contest. Marsha Blue is still on my website if you'd like to see it. I was already working on Just for the Moment: The Remarkable Gift of the Therapy Dog, not certain I could ever really "do" it. But when I won, it was the shot in the arm I needed to believe I could.



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