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10 Free Burger King Kids Meal Printable Coupons


What a great deal this is Free Kid's Meal from Burger King! Burger King customers should hurry and print your coupons fast.  This is a great offer and it won't last long.  Some were able to print ten coupons!  Usually it will only print two per computer!  Here is how it's done -
 1.  Go and Click here to print the coupon.  It will only work in internet explorer browser.
2.  Another page will pop up then click "print the coupon"  then that page will say "sorry you have already printed this coupon"  However it will allow you to refer a friend to the coupon.  You will then type in your email address and infomation and send it to yourself.
3.  In just a few minutes you will get a seperate email sent to you for a FREE Burger King Kids Meal Coupon!
4.  Once you get that email click the link or copy and paste it into the internet exploerer browerser and print your coupon.  Once it prints and goes to the refer a friend page click the back arrow on your browser twice and it will print again up to 10 times! 
My Free Burger King Kid Meal coupons are good until 2/1/2010! 


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