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10-foot snow shark built in Minnesota

Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz of New Brighton, Minn. created a 10-foot-tall shark out of snow. The brothers started the project in Dec. and thanks to cold temperatures and fresh powder, they were able to create quite the snow beast!

They started with a big pile of white stuff and then started molding their shark, body first. It didn't take long before the huge snow shark took shape, right on their front lawn. The shark has fins, a huge tail, and teeth making it undeniably cool. The details are really what makes this snow shark come to life -- and the Bartz brothers didn't leave any detail out.

The snow shark is one of the most amazing snow sculptures ever. In the video above you can see how the shark came together, day by day. Being so cold gives you few options -- but making a shark out of snow sounds like a great way to pass the icy days (and to get your 15 minutes of fame!).

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