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10 flirting don'ts

don't be THIS GUY
don't be THIS GUY
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1. Don't flirt with people in a relationship - even if it is a long time friend whom you have always flirted with, you need to respect your friendship and their relationship by not flirting with them. You can be friendly but don't cross that line. If they decide to flirt with you, just be upfront and let them know you are not playing that game.

2. Don't lie
- flirting is not lying. Besides if you have to lie to get someone's attention, you have other problems you need to deal with.

3. Don't use cheesy pick-up lines - unless you are trying to be funny as your breaking the ice moment, cheesy lines just get you rejected in a hurry.

4. Don't be pushy
- this is really meant for the guys. Being pushy makes a woman feel uncomfortable and her defenses go up fast giving you an instant fail. Women who are pushy just seem desperate and no one likes a desperate woman.

5. Don't freak out if you get rejected - even when you put your best efforts and awesome wit, some people are just not going to want it. This is not the time to get angry, cry or question why. Keep your composure, chalk it up to them not being able to handle your greatness and walk away.

6. Don't bring a bad wingman - remember the company you keep is a representation of who you are. Lame friends don't help you flirt, they just make you look bad.

7. Don't be crass - talking about how "big" any part of your anatomy is to a stranger is not flirty or sexy. It is rude (some times funny) and another quick way to get you rejected.

8. Don't use big gestures
- moving your hands all around and being overly expressive is too dramatic for the first few encounters. You want the person to come closer, not scare them back into the corner.

9. Don't give a life story
- this is not the time to talk about how your pet died and you held a Viking memorial for it in your swimming pool. Answer all questions they ask with short and to the point answers.

10. Don't flirt for personal gain - if you have no interest in someone but still flirt with them to get something (money, sex etc.), you are very selfish. Flirting should not be used for evil motives.

Ready, Set, Go!!!

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  • Princess Nermal 4 years ago

    "You know what I heard when I first met you? BEEEEOOOP! BEEEEEOOOOOOOOOP! BEEOOOOOOP! That's an ambulance...coming to take me away...because the sight of you stopped my heart."

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