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10 Family Recipes Under $10 Continued

More $10 Family Meals
More $10 Family Meals

As a working wife, husband and/or parent, cooking a well balanced meal when you come home is the last thing you want to think about.  To top it off, trying to find recipes under $10 is an even greater challenge.  That's why I wanted to bring you 5 more recipes that you and your family will be sure to love.  Don't have kids?  That's okay too.  These recipes are great for dinner and then as leftovers the next day. 

1.  Easy Cheap and Yummy Casserole - This recipe will remind you of summer cookouts, but you can enjoy it in the middle of winter.  This casserole takes 3 ingredients and that is all.  A package of hot dogs, a can of baked beans and a box of corn bread is what you need to fill you up and keep your dinner under $10.  These ingredients are usually in the 10 for $10 at Kroger which means you have more than enough money left for other meals.

2.  Quick and Easy Chicken Chili - All you need to do is open up a few cans and this meal is ready to go.  This meal uses a can of hominy, kidney beans, pinto beans and corn along with shredded chicken and chili powder.  Again, this recipe just takes a few minutes and you are ready to put it on the table and watch your family enjoy.

3.  Easy Mexican Casserole - This meal is especially great because the main ingredient, ground beef, is so inexpensive.  If you look for the managers special beef at Meijer you can often times find it for $1 a pound.  Also included in this recipe is salsa, tomatoes, chill beans, cheese and olives.  Bake it for 20 minutes and you are ready to enjoy.

4.  Easy Pasta Casserole - This is a great twist on traditional spaghetti and if you bought extra ground beef for the previous recipe you can also use it for this one.  In addition to ground beef, just add pasta, spaghetti sauce and mushrooms and you are ready to call everyone to the table.

5.  Slow Cooker Orange Chicken - If you are a fan of easy stir fry type meals then this is one you might want to try.  What do you need for this recipe?  Chicken, rice, orange flavored carbonated beverage and soy sauce is all it takes.  Cook it in your crock pot of 5 hours and you are ready to enjoy.

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