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10 fabulous airport lounges

Sometimes, a layover at an airport is a simple fact of modern-day traveling. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to endure your wait while sitting in an uncomfortable chair surrounded by screaming babies and some guy slurping down a bowl of noodles.

Major airports usually offer a luxury lounge or two where passengers can relax, unwind and enjoy a tasty meal in pampered privacy.

From London to Helsinki to Hong Kong and Sydney and beyond, 10 of the most luxe retreats will lure you with such features as:

  • An 8,400-plant vertical garden.
  • Massages and facials.
  • Full waiter service.
  • Nannies and a spa.
  • A sumptuous buffet.
  • Personal passport control and security checkpoints that regular passengers can't use.

And so much more. Check them out, and then leave the world of cramped gate areas behind forever.