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10 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress Levels

1.) Go for a walk. Even a brisk 10 minute walk can help reduce stress levels, increase circulation and enhance feeling of well being. It is recommended for people to get 30 minutes of exercise in a day. This can be done all at one time or split up for instance in three 10 minutes blocks of time. A nice brisk walk can increase feelings of well being by increasing endorphin levels.

2.) Talk to a friend. Talking things out with a good friend or significant other can help reduce tension and worry.

3) Go for a a swim. This is the land of 10,000 lakes, correct? Meaning it is an excellent place to go for a swim.

4.) Take a relaxing bath, add in some calming music, and some bath salts for aromatherapy.

5.) Take a bike ride. The are lots of bike trails located around and throughout MN. Don't have a bike? No problem, you can rent one from places such as local bike shops or Nice Ride MN. A simple Google search will help you find rentals in your area, if available.

6.) If you have a dog, take it for a walk. It will be beneficial and relaxing for you both.

7.) Read a book or magazine. Take sometime out of your day to finally read that book or magazine that you've been wanting to.

8.) Listen to some relaxing music. Listen to your favorite classical, spa, or whatever music you find relaxing.

9.) Take a 20 minute nap. Even this short time has proved to be beneficial to one's health.

10.) Watch your favorite movie or watch one that you've been meaning to. Even if you've seen the same movie several times.

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