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10 Easy spring decor fixes that don’t cost a lot

Just a few changes can be a breath of fresh air in spring
Just a few changes can be a breath of fresh air in spring
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Easy spring fixes that don’t cost a lot

1. Freshen up your front door. A new quart of paint in an inviting color helps to welcome everyone into the home, including you.

2. Leave out light-weight colorful throws. No need to pack them all away—just the heavy ones. If you have colorful ones, just toss them over the back of chairs or sofas.

3. Think about adding new art. Nothing spruces up a wall faster than bright beautiful pictures or designs. Too expensive? Look into removable wall decals.

4. Rearrange the furniture. Move large sofas out away from the walls and point them toward a window or fireplace. Angle your chairs or set up a new seating/reading area, complete with a tiny table for tea.

5. Look to add height. Bring in a folding screen or ficus tree. On tables, use blossoms from budding trees or shrubs in tall vases. Vary the heights of your blooms to add interest.

6. Take old plants, repot or trim them up and place inside new containers. Even a new coat of spray paint on an old urn does the trick.

7. Add a coat of paint for one wall and if you are afraid of color, use muted hues or add some brown paint to tone down your already-picked bold color choice.

8. Redesign your shelves. We get into a groove but by regrouping shelf items and adding in new summer colors in books, prints or flowers, you can get a new vibe. Put fruit into white bowls, display books by color or lean some art in between objects.

9. Repurpose something. Turn teacups into a chandelier, take old dishes and add colorful fabric centers—then decoupage or glue down. Clear glass plates can have summer pictures of the beach or seashells along the backside.

10. Lay a wreath on the table and fill it in with flowers or fake birds and foliage. It’s a nice departure from a bowl or basket.

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