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10 dogs at Anderson County PAWS on code red list and desperate for loving homes

Code Red-Urgent!
Code Red-Urgent!

The situation at Anderson County P.A.W.S. has been very stressful this past month, after the county shelter took in more than 100 animals from an upstate rescue. According to a Facebook post March 11, these dogs are running out of time.

Sipher is one of many dogs who are running out of time
Anderson County PAWS

The dogs still under their care from before the rescued animals arrived are still in need of good forever homes. Many were featured in this Examiner article, and haven't been chosen for adoption.

Please take a look at this slideshow, then pass this article along to friends who are looking to add a new dog to the family. The adoption fee has been waived for those pictured here. Anderson County PAWS is very careful in their adoption screening.

These are not the dogs and cats seized, as they're being held as required by law until a jury trial takes place. The best news Anderson County PAWS could get at this point is for all of the animals on their Code Red-Urgent list to find a loving forever home.

If you see a dog or cat you'd like to adopt, call 864-260-4151 after 12pm or email Randi Leigh at and include a photo of the animal you're interested in. She will then send you a prescreen application to begin the adoption process.

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