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10 diseases nursing students should know: test your knowledge

Fort Wayne is fortunate to have one of the best health care systems in the state.  To continue to provide outstanding nurses to the Fort Wayne area, there are several excellent nursing education programs in the city and the surrounding area.

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Recently, a student nurse in a Fort Wayne Microbiology class stated it would be easier to learn the details of diseases if an actual real disease sufferer came and talked to the class instead of just reading the description in the book.

As a result of this student's comments, the following slideshow quiz was prepared in an attempt to provide Michiana nursing students with some virtual patients to study. The pictures were selected from the CDC image library.  More pictures are available on their website, but it is not a family-friendly site. See below for a link to a website more appropriate for children.

So for all of you student nurses, thank you for your dedication and hard work in preparing to spend your life caring for the needs of others. Hopefully, this will aid you in your studies, or at least provide an interesting refresher on some of the diseases you encountered in Microbiology class.

A second slideshow quiz will be added later.

For a family-friendly website on microorganisms, try the Giant Microbes site.