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10 customer service lessons from the week – 14-08-30

Lessons you can use to improve people, processes, and customer experiences.

  1. Why Customer Experience Matters "Are you a lonely champion? That is, an individual within an organization trying to convince others that it is worthwhile to improve the customer experience. Most lonely champions we meet are faced with the challenge of overcoming the assumption that a focus on customer experience is a tradeoff to profits (rather than the way to profits) by senior executives, and typically have to address their question of, 'What’s in it for me?' ", Customer Think, Linda Ireland
  2. Educating Your Service Center "In general, customers are not going to go out of their way to records conversations that are going well. They presume that they deserve good service. When they don't receive it, they want to control the situation, to the degree that they can." --, Martha Gery
  3. The Future of Customer Support "The next generation of customer service will be proactive, integrated and omnipresent …" --, Samuel Greengard
  4. The Customer In A Plastic Bubble: A Customer Service Training Secret "Those customers who look so normal–to the untrained eye–as they wander around your establishment are actually each surrounded by a transparent protective bubble." --Forbes, Micah Solomon
  5. Are you awake to how your brand is sleeping on the job? "When the brand is awake everything always looks great, but when it sleeps – ouch." -- The Lexden Group, Christopher Brooks
  6. Consumer Trust, Key to Repeat Business " What makes customers trust a particular brand over others? And do customers choose brands based on their perceived level of customer service?", Lucy Holloway
  7. Digital Original: 10 Steps to Better Customers " Customer behavior doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You can influence their behavior with the information and training you provide." --, John Giles
  8. Paying for Faster Customer Service – Brilliant Innovation or Terrible Idea? "As consumers we are all becoming accustomed to paying a premium for better and/or faster service. We do this to get into premium lanes on a freeway, priority boarding on an airplane, and even to get to the head of the line at some theme parks." --, Ken Landoline
  9. Vantage Point: Customer dis-service "When customers are known as individuals, they become more than a number. And then it’s not unreasonable to expect to be treated courteously, especially when we’re spending big bucks." St. Helena Star, Mark G. Epstein
  10. The Death of Customer Service "He believes telephone operator customer service has been ailing for some time now and employers need to put the function on 'life support' and 'invest heavily in bringing it back to health' before it fells you at your knees." -- HRE Leader's Board, Kristen Frasch