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10 customer service lessons from the week – 14-08-09

Lessons you can use to improve people, processes, and customer experiences.

  1. 6 Tips to Boost Your Business with Online Customer Service "Only 7 percent of people said online customer service interactions exceeded their expectations, according to a Global Customer Service Barometer study by American Express. And a third of customers surveyed said rude and unresponsive customer service representatives were the most likely issue to make them switch companies and brands." --, Laura Hogan
  2. The Secret to Great Customer Service Is Communication "Great customer service is not some top-secret formula that only the best business owners can access, nor does it have to cost your company a lot or be difficult to implement. In fact, customer service boils down to one simple concept: keeping your customer informed." --, Vanessa Merit Nornberg
  3. Four Lessons From The Red Carpet On Customer Service -- "If you’re too lazy to give them red-carpet customer service, someone else will." -- Forbes, Eric Schiffer
  4. Why Bad Customer Feedback Is Good For Business “The fact is, inviting complaints from customers is one of the very best ways to improve customer retention." -- International Business Times, Lindsay Willott
  5. Customer service: Does it still exist? "Usually, this is someone at the top of the organization who champions service and reinforces its importance with employees." -- Hartford Business, Jim Domain
  6. How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service With Social Media "Your brand and online reputation depend on how you provide social media customer service." -- Social Media Explorer, Rebekah Radice
  7. Customer Service 2.0: Satisfying Customers in the Digital Age "Customer service should be a top priority for any company. Customers keep your business going, and making them happy is the best way to ensure that they'll continue to come back. In today's world of social media and 24/7 connectivity, it's easier than ever to keep the lines of communication open between you and your customers." -- Business News Daily, Nicole Fallon
  8. Good Customer Service Handoff Leads to Appreciation "I hate the handoff. This is where the customer service representative I’m talking to transfers me to someone else to resolve my issue." --, Shep Hyken
  9. Business Travelers Are Saying "Buh-bye" to Loyalty Programs - Here's Why " In a recent survey, a plurality of travelers (38 percent) said that finding the best deal topped their list, a tectonic shift from previous years, when collecting credits in a frequent-flier or frequent-stayer program was more important. Only 9 percent of travelers will book their trips based on loyalty to an airline or hotel chain, according to the poll conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Capital One." --, Christopher Elliott
  10. Improve Your Customer Service By Increasing Inefficiency “ Needless to say, we’re not eager to shell out our money to the same camp again–or recommend it to our friends. In spite of everything they may have, invisibly, done right for her during the week.” – Forbes, Micah Solomon