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10 customer service lessons from the week – 14-08-02

Lessons you can use to improve people, processes, and customer experiences.

  1. InfoGraphic: Inside the Mind of Your Customers (New Google Consumer Survey Results) --, Tim Peters
  2. Five forbidden phrases--and great substitutions for them “Service professionals who choose words well as they help customers, thereby putting them at ease either on the telephone or face-to-face, really have a distinct advantage over others without this expertise, who yet operate in a service environment.” –, Janet Carmichael
  3. Six customer service amazement tools "Ace has successfully instilled a special brand of customer service built on being helpful. Ace employees will help with a weekend project, locate an obscure part … do whatever they can to be helpful." -- NewVoiceMedia, Shep Hyken
  4. Why Customer Service Matters "The most common perception is that no matter what the party line is, the fact of the matter is that companies today just don’t care. Most people get annoyed with it, but few people actually take the time to think about how those perceptions transfer to their business." -- Gator Crossings, Brandi Bennett
  5. Improving Customer Service Must Account for UX and CX "Weaknesses in either area can spoil otherwise perfect performance in a given sphere." FedWeek IT
  6. What Does It Take To Shift To A Human-to-Human Way Of Doing Business? "If we are to do business in a ‘human to human’ way then it helps to have a good grasp of what the defining characteristic of human is. In Being and Time, Heidegger asserts that ‘Care (Sorge) is the being of dasein’. For the purposes of this conversation dasein = human being." Customer and Leadership, Maz Iqbal
  7. Customer Service: There Is Only ONE Way "An announcement came over the intercom asking all associates to help at the cash registers. Within two minutes, two additional cash registers were open and the lines emptied quickly." -- Huffington Post, Hans Hickler
  8. When customer service becomes self-service “Whether you’re banking or buying groceries, companies are moving toward a do-it-yourself approach. Here’s how to survive and thrive.” -- Consumer Reports
  9. How to Turn a Social Media Disaster Into a Social Customer Service Success Story "With so many people across the globe poised and ready to post the first hilarious bit of content to come their way, one social media fail can become a public relations nightmare in a matter of minutes." --, Theresa Mills
  10. How to Get Customers to Write Awesome Reviews for You "According to the Harvard Business Review, online peer-to-peer reviews are powerful because they give customers a good sense of what it’s like to use your goods or services. Small-business owners can tout their services, but customers are more likely to believe other customers." Open Forum, Julie Bawden Davis