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10 customer service lessons from the week – 14-07-19

Lessons you can use to improve people, processes, and customer experiences.

  1. Mazism 1: There Is Always A Price, It Is Always Paid! “The physical world in which we live is unforgiving. Which is to say that it works as it works, and pays no heeds to our needs-wants-desires-preferences.“ Customer and Leadership Blog, Maz Iqbal
  2. Mazism 2: It Comes Down To People And Relationships! “What lies at the source of organisational effectiveness?” Customer and Leadership Blog, Maz Iqbal
  3. Comcast Demands An Explanation Before Agreeing To Cancel Your Account – The poster child of what not to do – The Consumerist, Meg Marco
  4. The Power of Apology "Yes, yes, apologetic. You have to assume an apologizing role when you work in customer service, even if you have nothing to do with the problem. There’s just no escaping it. Such is the nature of human beings, we just “have” to find someone at fault, otherwise there’s no feeling of fulfillment when something doesn’t go/work as planned. There’s no one else to pin it on.” Customer iCare, Art Zabalov
  5. Customer Service Shouldn't Be a Lost Art "I've counted on customer service excellence to see us through our 42 years in business. In Los Angeles, 42 years in the restaurant world is something to be celebrated, especially when competing with the likes of celebrity chefs, L.A.'s ever-evolving neighborhoods and the latest food fad. I know firsthand that the hospitality industry is not simply about the food." – Huffington Post, Piero Selvaggio
  6. What Is The Future Role of Consumer Trust? "Trust is also at the core of customer focus and customer centricity. Winning trust means creating rapport, understanding what’s important, communicating openly, and providing what customers want from an emotional, as well as a basic competence, perspective." –, Michael Lowenstein
  7. The psychology of customer service "It's no secret that call handling can be a difficult task - by very definition, taking a customer service call implies that the person on the other line is frustrated or confused with the product or service a company offers.” Live Look, Michelle Brusyo
  8. 3 Things I Learned About Customer Service by Being a Plumber First "Keep Your Pipes Straight" -- Hotel News Resource, Steve DiGioia
  9. How To Improve The Customer Experience By 180 Degrees "I know that you have a point of view about your business, your customer experience, the quality of your customer service. But if you’re like many businesses, you’re off by 180 degrees in your viewpoint here. You’ve been failing to experience how your business feels, looks, tastes, and even smells from the customer’s point of view." -- Forbes, Micah Solomon
  10. Is customer service getting worse? "A study by the W.P. Carey School of Business found that in 2013, customer dissatisfaction was 50 percent, versus 45 percent in 2011 and 32 percent in 1976. And yet companies are bragging in their marketing about the great customer service they provide!" --, Shep Hyken