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10 crazy World Cup costumes worn by fans; fashion shows love of sport, country

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World Cup fever has hit the globe. With the best players competing in Brazil, all eyes are on the games that will determine the winner. Well, almost all the eyes are looking at the field as there are some zany and delightfully outrageous costumes found in the crowds. According to the Detroit News on Saturday, the American fans are showing up in full force at the World Cup, but they aren't the only fans who come prepared with costumes. Every team has some extremely passionate fans and they are willing to display their love for their country.

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For the American fans who go all out, there is plenty of red, white and blue found painted on their face, neck and even their torso. Adding a few costumed features and a scan of the crowd might find a few different people looking like Uncle Sam. There are a few Elvis impersonators in the crowds too. And then there are the people who completely paint their face in patriotic colors.

The same is true for every country playing in the World Cup. Their fans show up looking almost out of this world. Decked in colors of the country and covered mostly from waist up with a costume to showcase their support. Some dedicated fans even coordinate with the groups and they all come together to make an even bigger, costumed statement about their team.

According to Fox News on Saturday, not all the fans are dressed up and celebrating at the stadiums. A few of the fans are causing mischief too. Dozens of Argentine and Brazilian fans got into a drunken street clash on Saturday and there were arrests made from the incident. However, this has to be the exception to the festivities as so many sporting fans are delighted to be part of the moment that they aren't causing any trouble.

Take a look at the 10 crazy World Cup costumes worn by fans to support their teams. With so many games still to be played for the event, expect to see many more costumes as this is a popular pastime for the fans.