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10 Celebrity Tips to Look Stunning at Night!!!

eye makeup
eye makeup

No matter what time of the day or night it is celebrities are always looking great. They can go to movie premiers, red carpet events, and even parties at night and still have great skin. There are 10 easy celebrity tips to follow to look great at night.

1. Relax and Prepare the skin
To prepare for a night of fun the skin needs some prepping. No one will look good if they are stressed out. To help relax and prepare for the night take a warm shower. This will allow the body to relax and a chance for the skin to be refreshed as well.

2. Apply Lotion to the Body
Moisturized skin will be soft to the touch and glow. If the skin and is in need of moisture it will be flaky. Adding a moisturizer will allow the skin to get back some of the moisture that it lost during the day. At night a light scent can also be added.

3. Change up Makeup
At night a woman can wear more dramatic shades of makeup. While foundation should still be applied to the skin to cover up fine lines and wrinkles certain areas of the face can be highlighted. The eyes can be made smoky and bolder colors of eye shadow can be worn.

4. Use Creamy Eye Shadow
When creating this more dramatic look with eye shadow do not use powered eye shadow makeup. This powder can get caught in the fine lines or creases that are around the eye. Creamy eye shadow will allow the woman to play and experiment with colors. The attention will stay on her eyes and not the lines around them.

5. Do not Forget the Lips
While it is important to make sure the skin and the body is moisturized do not forget to add moisture to the lips. Apply a clean balm to the lips and give them a chance to soak up the moisture. For some color add a lipstick that has moisture in it as well.

6. Drink Water
Before the big evening celebrities are advised to drink water. While drinking a large amount of water right before heading out may lead to bloating the water should be consumed throughout the day. When a person wakes up they should have a big glass of water. Throughout the rest of the day they should continue to drink water. By the time the evening is around the body has adjusted and will not bloat. The water will allow the skin a chance to gain hydration and a healthy glow.

7. Take a Nap
In order for the body to look refreshed it is important to have enough rest. If a person is tired their eyes will tell especially if a person gets dark circles beneath them. When going out for a big evening take a nap in the afternoon. This will give the body a chance to rest and to recover. It will also improve the appearance of the skin.

8. Outline the Lips
Using a lip pencil to outline the lips will not only make the lips look bigger and plumper it will draw attention to the center of the lips. This will take away any attention to the fine lines that are around the lips. It will also make the top and the bottom lip appear to be equal in size even if they are not.

9. Do Not Squeeze Pimples
If a person notices that have a pimple of blemish before going out they may try to squeeze it to get it to go away. Do not do this. Popping a pimple will only irritate the skin causing additional redness. Instead put some foundation of it and blend it into the skin. This will help the skin look even.

10. Do Not Over Indulge
While many people go out to celebrate remember that moderation is key. When a person consumes too much alcohol their face may turn red and blotchy. The skin will also become dried out. Have fun and celebrate but do not overdo it.

These are some tips that celebrities use to stay looking good when they are out for evening events and night parties. No one is born perfect and everyone has to work at it. Following these tips can help a person look just as good as a celebrity.

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