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10 Biggest Technology Trends For 2014 That Can’t Be Missed!

Technology Trends 2014
Technology Trends 2014Technology Trends 2014

The IT industry is rapidly evolving and thus, it becomes difficult to cope up with the incessant changing trends. Every day we come across ground-breaking technologies, the problem associated with the varying technology trends is not just limited to adopting the most advanced technology for your business, but staying ahead of your competition is equally important. However, to tackle both these problems involves continuous struggle in today’s cutthroat business world.

Here’s is list of top 10 technology trends that are anticipated to bring some changes to the IT sector.

1. The BYOD approach!
Today almost every enterprise is looking forward to introducing the BYOD (bring your own device) concept. The emergence of such trend can be attributed to rise in usage of mobile phones by maximum number of users, especially the employees working in an enterprise. Realizing such rise in this approach it has become imperative for enterprises to thoroughly review their employee-owned hardware policies and update them wherever necessary.

You might be wondering the necessity to do so. This is because, lot of companies has set up policies for employees according to which – they can only access their networks via devices owned and managed by the enterprise. What’ more? By setting up policies will not only clear the employees what they are allowed to do, but will also help maintain confidentiality and privacy of the enterprise data.

2. Mobile Apps
Android and iPhone are the two major app development platforms today. However, according to Gartner in 2014, the enhanced performance of JavaScript will give rise to usage of HTML5 for developing enterprise apps. So, rather than focusing on merely Android Development, developers must concentrate on building extended user interface models that might include usage of video to help connect people.

3. Building IT Friendly Social Networks
Social networks have always been considered as a vital tool for businesses to connect to a wider audience base and promote their products and services. Similarly, enterprises can think about building IT friendly social networks in compliant with enterprise policies that can help them grow their network. Some of the enterprise social networks that have been launched so far include VMWare, Salesforce Chatter and many more.

4. Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
Today compiling personal and external private cloud services has become a necessity. Enterprises now must design private cloud services keeping hybrid future in mind and ascertain that possibility of future integration/interoperability.

5. Personal and Advanced Cloud Services
Cloud services will be procured by business of all sizes to a greater extent, and this will lead to a paradigm shift in the ways of organizations looking forward to acquiring and maintaining software, hardware, and computing capacity. Now, companies irrespective of how small or large they may be are utilizing the cloud services to curtail costs incurred in the IT sector, for resources, and managing sales. With individuals gradually using more personal mobile clouds, we will witness individuals becoming more interested in services rather than focusing on the devices that they use to access those services.

6. The Web of Things
Even though, a lot of developments have taken place till date we are still always at the initial stage of development looking at the sort of impact technology can have on the distant future. For an instance, for last few years we observed how the rise in usage of Android apps forced businesses to hire Android Developer in order to develop a unique mobile app that set them apart from their contenders.

But now the web has expanded from conventional PCs, desktops and mobiles and its applications. Rather the web is making way to enterprise assets.

7. Privacy
Maintaining data privacy is becoming a matter of great concern. There have been cases where industry heavyweight such as Microsoft is going as far as denouncing the practice and vowing to work on encryption in public that averts the NSA and other agencies from gathering personal data.

8. 3D Displays for Smart Phones and Tablets
The emergence of 3D Displays for smart phones and tablets will be a breakthrough that will most likely attract a number of consumers accepting 3D computing. This trend is about to commence by introducing handy gaming systems. Moreover, the increasing need to anticipate rich data will bring about growth of 3D simulations for the enterprises beginning with the military, to architecture, to fashion and so on.

9. Ads in Everything
It’s apparent that our favorite TV shows, to sports broadcasts and even the news sector are backed by brands. According to Gartner, in the year 2014 we will see that as economy of the content changes, right from websites to the music companies will be seeking new ways in a bid to connect the advertisers with target audience.

10. Era of Smart Machines
The smart machine era will flourish bringing in responsive content, smart personal digital assistants, intelligent consultants, sophisticated global industrial systems and autonomous vehicles (that will soon be made available to the public).

The rate at which technology trends are changing in the IT industry is accelerating. Aforementioned, are top 10 technology trends for the year 2014 that I’ll recommend you to read.