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10 Best romantic movies for Valentine's Day

Here is your Valentine's Day Guide to movie-watching. Whether we are in relationships or not, we can all appreciate a great romance movie! Of course there are hundreds of greats, but why not start with these and see where the night takes you?

10. Dirty Dancing - If you don't already love this movie, you'd better go and see it right now.

9. Once - so terribly endearing and beautiful, plus filled with great music!

8. Say Anything - A young John Cusack stars in this 1989 classic.

7. Gone With The Wind - A little long, so make sure you prepare with some popcorn and chocolates before you get all settled in.

6. The Philadelphia Story - Catherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, sigh.

5. It Happened One Night - Clark Gable is fantastic in this 1930's hit. Don't let it's age intimidate you, this one is golden.

4. An Officer and A Gentleman - Richard Gere stars as a Navy Officer, and it's one of the greats.

3. His Girl Friday - A GREAT black and white classic, fast-talking, newspapers, true love!

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Okay, okay this is a little bit "off-beat" but it's actually ranked very highly in most 'romance' lists. If you have doubts, why not give it a chance?

1. Casablanca - This classic will never steer your wrong, especially around this romantic holiday!

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