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10 Best Interval Training Workouts

Sprinter interval workout
Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images

High intensity interval training is proven to accelerate fat loss.

But what’s the best type of interval training? There are more options than just “30 seconds on, 30 seconds off” on the treadmill for 20 minutes. You must be bored just thinking about it.

The 10 Best Interval Training Workouts

Here is my list of preferred methods to do your intervals, ranked in order from worst to best, based on my own and client experiences…

10. Swimming: This only works for competent swimmers with great technique.

9. Elliptical and cross trainer: increase the resistance and go for it!

8. Stair climber: Go for real stairs over the machine at the gym.

7. Rower sprints: Make sure your technique is right!

6. Spinning: Specialized cycling class that last 45-60 minutes.

5. Treadmill Running: Sprinting fro short intervals will get your heart racing.

4. Strongman movements: Use prowler sled pushes, tire flips, or sledgehammer slams to blast fat.

3. VersaClimber sprints: If you have this machine at your gym, get on it!

2. Metabolic Resistance intervals: you can use dumbbells or bodyweight and do timed sets.

1. Outdoor sprints: score extra points for hitting the steep hills!

How long should you do the intervals?

There is NO “ultimate” interval training program or protocol for fat loss. Studies have been conducted on a variety of approaches, and there have been great results. But there’s no best “sets or reps” .

That’s actually a good thing though, because it allows for variety in our approach to programming, and you can alter the interval times to train different energy systems.

In my opinion, the best interval is simply one you stick with, and change every 4 weeks as you would your strength training.

Recommendations for interval training protocols have ranged from 15 seconds (from old school stuff in the 90’s), up to 5 minutes (also known as aerobic intervals).

Make sure you experiment to discover the best type of interval training for you!

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