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10 Best Conferences in 2014 for Web Designers

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Conferences has so much more to offer than just to learn about the latest technology inventions. Professional conferences for web designers open the door to new job opportunities for fresh and expert designers as they develop connections with highly targeted industry experts from different regions, and firms. These individuals find the most cost effective way of introducing their talents and sourcing their services in the relevant industry.

This post is about 10 best conferences in 2014 for web designers which enable them to benefit from the following:

  1. Develop new valuable connections which are relevant to their industry.
  2. Find out which firms are hiring and meet people they wish to work with.
  3. They get the opportunity to question, inspect, and compare different firms.
  4. Spread their message to new regional partners, agents and distributors.
  5. Keep their knowledge up-to-date with the current industry trends, innovations and developments.

To get the above stated benefits, you need to take part in the following conferences that are worth attending:

O’Reilly Fluent

Sponsored by Google, Intel and other industry giants, below mentioned opportunities at Fluent conference will allow you to work more effectively:

  1. You will learn how to master your web design and development skills in front-end/back-end engineering and UX design.
  2. Real world case studies, examples and hard-earned experiences of others will guide you about real world practices.
  3. Be a source of inspiration for everyone, share your ideas and offer valuable solutions that can help others.
  4. Be the first to learn about latest technological developments, and get the right connections that will help you in the future.
  5. Hands-on training will be provided by experts on the first day of Fluent conference in three hours and ninety minutes workshop.
  6. You will get a chance to win O’Reilly Web Platform Award.

Date & Venue: March 11-13, San Francisco, CA

Cost: $49 - $2045 (Depending on the type of Access)

Featured Speakers:

  1. Paul Irish from Google
  2. Brendan Eich from Mozilla
  3. Lisa Larson-Kelley from
  4. Paul Bakaus from Zynga

Smashing Conference

Sponsored by WordPress, MAILCHIMP and other industry giants, Smashing Conference offers another great opportunity to keep yourself on the leading edge of emerging web design and development technologies. This conference for web designers has following features:

  1. Real life projects and their workflow will be explored. You will get the most effective learning experiences.
  2. Attend full day workshops on hot topics such as ‘Designing for Touch’, ‘Responsive Designing’, and ‘Front-end and UX Designing’.
  3. 18 excellent speakers will speak on hottest topics like ‘Designing in Space Between Devices’, ‘Leveling up with FlexBox’, and many others.
  4. A special mystery speaker.

Date & Venue: March 18-19, Oxford Town Hall

Workshops: 17th and 20th of March.

Cost: $449 (Includes everything such as lunch, snacks, coffee, pen and paper.)

The Next Web Europe

Sponsored by Microsoft, Apple, Youtube and many other industry giants, the Next Web Europe conference will allow you to connect with world’s leading technology companies and learn about the best business practices. TNW Europe Conference 2014 will serve as a hub spot for companies which are interested in gaining the attention of industry leaders. Along with the big technology companies, TNW will host 2500 innovators, top level CxO’s, startups, capitalists and international press. The goal of this conference is to discuss the role of technology in business and how to get the most out of it.

Date &Venue: April 24-25, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Cost: $1234

Future of Web Design

Sponsored by Siteground, Design Shack and other leading technology companies, ‘Future of Web Design’ conference will cover all the hottest web design topics. The conference will have two tracks where some of most creative minds will show their expertise in web design and development. The conference has following features:

  1. Highly expert and hand-picked speakers.
  2. Two awesome tracks in two days + workshops.
  3. Covering the hottest topics such as ‘The Zero Interface’, ‘Digital Adaptation’, ‘Demistifying JavaScript’, and many others.
  4. Hands-on training will be given in workshops on topics such as ‘Animating in your Browser with CSS3 and HTML5’, ‘From Sharpie To Sublime: A Responsive Design Intensive’, and many others.
  5. Highly creative speakers from top companies such as Francesca from Guardian, Jon Setzen from Media Temple, and many others.

Date & Venue: April 7-9, London

Workshops: 7th of April

Cost: $200 - $990 (Discounts for students)

Kerning Conference

Kerning will be the first international conference about typography and web typography in Italy. The conference will serve as a hub spot where developers, Magento plugin coders gurus and other industry experts will meet and share their knowledge. Sponsored by Great Primer, PICA and other leading technology companies, this will be the first international conference in Italy that will feature a full day workshop. It will be the most cost-effective conference to participate and explore new opportunities for your future.

Date & Venue: June 5-6, Cinema Teatro Sarti Via Scaletta, 10 – Faenza, Italy

Workshops: 5th of June

Cost: $240

UX Mobile Immersion

The goal of UXIM Conference is to promote user experience in web design and development, as its slogan represents ‘Design for the User, not the Device’. The conference has following features:

  1. Six full day workshops on hottest topics such as ‘Responsive Workflows’, ‘Mobile User Research’, ‘Responsive Interfaces’, and many other topics.
  2. Three ‘Mobile-UX Themed’ talks will be delivered by the workshop leaders.
  3. Two keynote presentations on mobile designs and applications by Jared Spool and Luke Wroblewski.

Date & Venue: April 7-9, Denver, CO

Cost: Single Day price is $775, full conference costs $1989. Register three or more people and save $300.

Converge SE

Sponsored by Mailchimp, Mandrill and other leading technology companies, Converge SE is a three-day conference which includes in-depth workshops. Get a chance to learn and sharpen your web design skills, with plenty of opportunities to party with speakers and attendees. The conference has following features:

  1. Full day workshops providing in-depth knowledge on key topics such as ‘Front-end Tooling’, ‘Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS’, and many more.
  2. Enjoy different places in downtown Columbia taking in sessions on key topics such as ‘Building Video Games for Marketing’, ‘HTML Game development with JavaScript and Canvas’, and many more.
  3. Inspirational web design and development talks on the last day of conference from speakers like Fabio Carneiro from MailChimp, Jacob Surber from Adobe, and many others.
  4. Seven tracks with in-depth learning sessions from experts.

Date & Venue: May 1 - 3, 2014 - Columbia, SC

Cost: $225 - $425

How Design Live

Sponsored by Adobe, Neenah and many other leading technology companies, ‘How Design Live Conference’ is a blend of five different design events, making it a biggest design event. It is a huge opportunity for you to present yourself and achieve your goals. The conference has following features;

  1. 3000 + attendees, 80+ top speakers and lectures, 12 keynote talks and networking opportunities.
  2. A perfect five-day career boosting event.
  3. You can adjust time slots for different sessions which are, print design, package design, technology, creativity, and many others.
  4. 14 big ideas on better web design and development from industry leading experts.
  5. Formal and informal opportunities to get together with peers and speakers such as on breakfast round tables, stock photography expo, exhibit hall opening and many others.

Date & Venue: May 12 – 16, Boston

Cost: $595 - $1795

Velocity Web Operations and Performance

Sponsored by AMD, Verizon, and many other technology companies, Velocity is much more than a conference, it is a training event for web development professionals which stresses on making web services fast, scalable and reliable for users without architecture dependency.

Date & Venue: June 24-26, Santa Clara, CA

Registration will be open in early March.

Adobe Max – The Creative Conference

Get connected with some of the world’s most creative minds in Adobe Max conference and learn how to work effectively. It will be a four-day learning event on latest inspirations, technologies, techniques and strategies for delivering creative work in your industry.

Venue and Date: October 4-8 in Los Angeles.

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