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10 applications that you should have on your smartphone

iPhone with applications
iPhone with applications
Christiano Betta via Flickr

You know the saying there’s an app for that? More and more, that saying is proven to be true. From stopwatches and graphing calculators to mobile GPS and music identifiers, applications are changing the personal gadget market. If you own a smartphone and would like to make the best out of it, here is a list of 10 apps that make your smartphone even smarter.

1. Evernote - Kind of like having a notebook in your pocket, the Evernote application turns your phone or tablet into a smart notebook. Once the application is installed, simply enter notes lists, memos, recipes and links to webpages into the Evernote application and categorize them. Share your notes with friends and family instantly and access your entire not library seamlessly through any device connected to the Internet.

2. CamScanner - This handy app turns your smartphone or tablet into a scanner. Open the application and scan your document to upload to an online library or share via email, text, Google documents etc. You also have the option to scan in line converting multiple pages to a book like PDF file. Perfect for the student or professional, simply take pictures of a friends book for homework or copy someone’s notes from the 12:00 meeting and convert them into readable documents that you can access over all of your devices.

3. Google Calendar - This is a must have application for the organized person. Google Calendar gives you an interactive calendar on your handheld device. Enter memos, reminder, birthdays, business bookings etc. through the application and they will instantly be accessible via all compatible devices. Set timed reminders for events and important days and never forget a birthday, event or anniversary again.

4. Google Maps - This application allows you to access maps on your smart device. Look up addresses and nearby locations, restaurants, gas stations etc. and get voice-navigated directions to any location you choose. Never get lost again with Google maps and navigation.

5. Google Wallet - This app puts allows you to store credit information and transfer money to an online account turning your smartphone into a wallet. More and more restaurants and retailers are accepting digital payment and some most now have the capability of accepting Google payments. Use compatible phones at select retailers to scan your phone like swiping a credit card to make a payment. Turn your phone into a credit/debit card with Google Wallet.

6. DropBox - Instantly back up and store images to your online Dropbox account. Access pictures and videos through multiple devices simultaneously and share high quality pictures, videos, files and galleries with friends and family anywhere instantly. If your smart device or computer crashes, you have the comfort of knowing that your photos, videos and files are safe in your Dropbox account.

7. Shazam - Hear a song on the radio, in a noisy restaurant, or in the movie theatre and you want to know who it is? Download the Shazam application and scan the music to see who the artist and title is. Once it tells you, you are instantly given the option to listen to a sample of the song, access lyrics, watch the music video or download the full song through Amazon.

8. Spotify - Smart music catered to you on your smartphone. Like a Pandora iTunes hybrid, Spotify allows you to create playlists it also studies your music to better understand your personal taste. Spotify suggests music based on music and playlists you have liked. Create and name playlists and share them with friends. Listen to what your friends are listening to and create playlists based on what you like from their taste in music. Spotify is quite possibly the most customizable and smart music player on the market.

9. Pinterest – This application takes social media to a whole new level. Create an online pin board of all of the things you like. Create inboard categories so that you can access your pins easily. Share the pins that you love with friends and follow others pins and boards that you love. Pinterest is kind of like having a really cool interactive bookmark folder on your smartphone. The interface is really nice also.

10. Lookout Security – More than just an online security app, Lookout Security backs up your phone to an online server that you can access if your smartphone crashes. Set up your Lookout security application with your computer and track your phone if it goes missing. You can also sound an audible alarm when you get close and lock users out that shouldn’t have access to your phone. You also get awesome Internet and app security that protects your phone from viruses and malware. With this all-in-one application, never worry about the safety of your phone again.

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