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10 Alleged deep-cover Russian spies arrested



  • Old Spook 5 years ago

    How come I never got approached by a hottie like her???

    Best I ever got was a sloppy drunk fat KGB guy.

  • Armenak Nouridjanian 5 years ago

    I would like to find out details of federal indictment against suspected Russian spies who were reported by CNN to have been arrested on Cypress. I believe that stealing secrets and intellectual property, vetting officials to commit high treason is an act of espionage that should be prosecuted in any country as a penal offence. But I doubt that this news of Russian spies is just a paper duck. I know that famous high treasoners CIA top shot Richard Aimes was a double crosser who sold out United States for a Russian palace and diamonds,money for which he serves life time sentence. Some young immigrants from Russia simply were framed by anti-immigrant neofascists, in my opinion. I will listen to FBI indictment materials to find out the truth.

  • Boris Badinov 5 years ago

    The most recent arrest in this spy ring took place in Cyprus, not Cypress. Cyprus is a Mediterranean island. Cypress is a city in Orange Country, California. Tiger Wood comes from Cypress. The Turks and the Greeks fought a war over Cyprus.

  • Theo 5 years ago

    Did we all get into a Hot Tub Time Machine and travel back to 1985?

  • john 5 years ago

    it another Hollywood inspired planted propaganda story designed to keep the keep the public hysteria theme alive to be used by the Us oligarchy for their own purposes.

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