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10 actions to help you be happy today

Cultivate activities that bring you happiness such as gardening and photography.
Raine Devries - Copyright 2014

Many people are looking for ways to be happier and Albert Einstein once wrote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Have you considered what habits you have that are not providing the ultimate in happiness to your life? Perhaps the nightly news is simply too depressing, feeling lethargic due to less than optimum diet is starting to weigh you down both physically and emotionally. And yet, the beautiful thing about life is that we get a fresh 24 every day when we awaken!

Review the tips below and really put some thought into the changes you wish to make to allow more happiness into your life.

  1. Gratitude. Goals are an important part of life; it’s part of human nature to always want to achieve better results. However, it’s also important to invest just as much time – if not more – on simply being grateful for what you already have in your life because that simple act can boost your general well-being according to research. According to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, simply initiating a daily exercise of listing the things you are grateful for will provide you with a greater sense of positivity and brighter outlook.
  2. Focus on the future. The past is over and dwelling on missed chances and lost opportunities taint your healthy thinking toward focusing on future successes. Give thanks that you experienced the challenges in the past and then release any negative emotions so that you are free to focus on the positive for which you are grateful.
  3. Embrace your uniqueness. It’s easy to try to blend in but, rarely, will it make you memorable. Embrace the true essence of who you are and set a course for achieving your own goals and pursuing your own endeavors whatever they may be. Be known for wearing your signature color in some capacity each day, start your own blog and slowly start cultivating a following for others that are interested in what you have to say about a particular topic; be you in all your wonderful glory!
  4. Practice kindness. Each time you initiate an act of kindness by helping someone selflessly, your body releases serotonin in your brain which is the hormone that controls your mood. Almost instantly, you will feel a general sense of happiness so strive to do one act of kindness every day and flux those toxins out of your system
  5. Ditch the excuses. Too frequently, people limit themselves because of the myriad of excuses they conjure up. Simply stop lying to yourself, meditate on why you have felt the need to make excuses and whether the reason readily appears or not, make a promise to yourself that you will do better. You have too much to offer to the world to keep sabotaging yourself because, in the end, you are only hurting yourself. Embrace your goals and try until you reach success!
  6. Care for your body. Make it a priority each day to care for your body because physical health is a reflection of a healthy and happiness. Your good health is the one thing that is most precious in the world so if you are healthy now, maintain it. If you have obstacles to overcome, start work now – there is no reason to wait for a new week or new month to begin; ditch the excuses and start now toward achieving optimum health.
  7. Commit to your goals. Find some quiet time and really think about the goals you wish to achieve, outline for yourself a possible action plan with realistic due dates. Think about your goals, envision you achieving your goals and imagine how it will feel.
  8. Dream. Wonderful dreams expand our sense of self and inspire us to keep achieving. Your imagination is your most powerful tool so consider creating a dream board to put up in your home or, perhaps, a dream binder that you can carry with you to reflect on during the day when you have a few moments. Cut out images from magazines or print off images of precisely what you want from a website. Meditate on these dreams and imagine the happiness you will feel when you have achieved one, or all of them!
  9. Believe. This is probably the most important step toward achieving happiness: simply believing that it is yours and that you deserve it! Embrace what works for you whether that is a prayer group within your faith, a meditation, or walking in a park. Carve out the time to do this for you and give yourself permission to be happy and believe that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to!
  10. Give. The wonderful thing about giving unconditionally, is that you feel so good. Strive to make it a habit to share with others of your time, expertise, money, or love. The universe abhors a vacuum so whatever you put out into the world, you will receive back with interest. Meditate on how you can serve a loved one, a friend, or a cause, and then give freely. You’ll be happy you did!
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