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Mom takes revenge on pumpkin thief with passive-aggressive sign

Every year, families gather around the table to spend time mutilating harvest vegetables in the interest of good, clean family fun. The Reina's of LeDroit Park, Washington D.C. are no different. This year, the family took the time to carve four pumpkins to commemorate the holiday, one for Mr. Reina, one for Mrs. Reina, and one for each of their two small children.

When her son Tommy's pumpkin was smashed, Becky Reina took matters into her own hands. That sounds like the setup for an action movie made by the Hallmark Channel.
The Great Photographicon's photostream via Flickr

Tragically, though, only three of those pumpkins will live to see Halloween evening, though, as late Wednesday night, a vandal absconded with the pumpkin that belonged to the Reina's 2-year-old son, Tommy.

The pumpkin is presumed to be smashed to tiny bits (another Halloween tradition).

While the practice of stealing and destroying people's October porch lanterns is nothing new, Tommy's mother, Becky, seeing the hurt in her toddler son's eyes, was completely irate.

Her anger spilled pointedly onto a piece of cardboard, which now reads:

"To the person who stole my son's pumpkin:

Thank you for the life lesson. This will help teach him that sometimes people are mean for no reason and you just have to brush it off.

Because my son is two years old and cannot read this sign, I will add: you are an ***hole."

While Mrs. Reina understands that the thief will, most likely, never see justice, she is still glad she took something of a stand. After all, the most likely culprit is some neighborhood kid who will be forced to pass the sign daily and confront his or her misdeed (we assume).

Reina also says the sign effectively distracted her son from feeling too terribly bad about the whole ordeal. Maybe he'll be able to wait a little longer before he has to learn that lesson, after all.