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10-10-10 very popular date for Houston weddings

10-10-10 is popular wedding date
10-10-10 is popular wedding date
The Linen House

Grooms-to-be, the cardinal sin of any marriage is to fail to remember your anniversary date. But you already knew that forgetting to bring home roses and make dinner plans for your anniversary provides no quicker path to the dog house or worse. This year, dozens of grooms have taken out a little insurance policy against such hazards by selecting today as their wedding date, Sunday, October 10, 2010 or as the inside of the wedding band was likely inscribed 10-10-10. It really couldn’t get any easier.

Among the weddings being staged all over town today, a number of happy 10-10-10 couples are already on their honeymoon. At The Linen House we've worked with clever brides hosting their reception on Saturday night starting at 8:00. At the stroke of midnight the reception changed from party central to solemn ceremony. The guests just moved down the hall to smaller ballroom set for the nuptials where a weary but willing officiant conducted the ceremony when the calendar officially read 10-10-10.

Brides who opted for this scenario did so for a number of reasons: Saturday night is a more traditional night for guests to join in the celebration; vendors providing linens, flowers, lighting, catering and cakes had no premium service fee as they would have charged had the deliveries actually taken place on Sunday; these brides "needed" two gowns: one for the reception…maybe a little more playful than the real wedding gown, which was first seen when she walked down the aisle. Of course the risk of this plan was that many of the guests would not stay all the way until the ceremony, and those who did, may be in too much of a party mode to switch gears. Fortunately, we have no such reports.

The brides were married. The garters were tossed. The cakes were cut and everyone went home right on time.

Happy anniversary!


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