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$10,000 from ATM glitch becomes scholarship for lucky student

Sean Whalen wins scholarship in ATM goof
Sean Whalen wins scholarship in ATM goof
Green River CommuniGator

When Sean Whalen punched his PIN into a campus ATM, all he expected was his $20 bill. Imagine his surprise when the system glitched, and all the $100 bills in the machine came streaming into his waiting hands.

"I was really confused when the money started coming out, but once I realized that they were hundred-dollar-bills, I realized that I was one lucky guy," the young Aviation student smiled. "This is the best day ever."

Green River Community College, in Auburn, Washington, is home of the Gators and Alma mater for a wide variety of career and academic paths. The Lindbloom Student Center is a busy hub where students and faculty, staff and visitors meet for snacks, lunch, coffee, occasional cash and constant conversation.

From the first hundred dollar bill until the last, shock and goofy grins overwhelmed him. According to banking laws however, he would ordinarily have been obligated to return the cash, a gesture he made willingly in contacting his bank.

ATM mechanic Jim Smith provided an explanation. The system experienced an unusual glitch that emptied the supply of $100 bills, all 100 of them.

"However, Sean is such a stellar student and all-around great guy that we really thought the right thing to do was help him pay for his education and get a great start to his life after graduation." With that, the scholar and the scholarship will dance into the cruellest month.

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