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1 vs. 100 review: a trivia fan's dream


Xbox recently unveiled the second season of it's much anticipated free online game 1 vs. 100. Modeled after the hit NBC game show, the Xbox Live version pits players up against tens of thousands of real people in real time, competing for real prizes.

Gold members may tune in to play the game every night of the week starting at 6pm. Each round lasts 30 minutes, and has roughly 35 questions. Every 30 seconds, a random question is displayed on the screen. Players then have 6 second to answer the question with one of three provided choices. The correct answer is then displayed and players who chose the right one are rewarded with points.

Points are awarded for not only the correct answer, but the speed in which the answer is chosen and how many correct answers have been achieved in a row. Additional points are earned depending on how many other players answer the question incorrectly.

The real fun begins twice per week when the live show airs. Every Tuesday at 7pm and Friday at 8pm, players are given the opportunity to win actual prizes. The highest point earner from the previous game is selected to be the One who is then pitted against the Mob of the next best 100 scorers. From there, questions are asked to not only the Mob and the One, but the entire audience as well (which can number in the tens of thousands). After each question is asked, Mob members who answer incorrectly are eliminated from the game. The same applies to the One, however if they answer incorrectly, the remaining Mob members get to split the earnings the One would have won if they knocked everyone out.


  • The live show has it's own MC - Chris Cashman. He voices over the game, interjecting witty comments and helpful information throughout the night. It adds an element to the game that makes players feel like they are in an actual game show.
  • Real life prizes - players can win up to 10,000 Microsoft points that can be used to purchase downloadable games, themes, or items for your Xbox Live avatar.
  • Just plain fun - casual and hardcore gamers alike will get a kick out of 1 vs. 100 because it pits everyone against each other in a battle of wits. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone has something to bring to the table.
  • The human factor - not only is it exhilarating to pit yourself against thousands of other players, but you can also compete as a team with up to three other people at once to share all of your smarts together.


  • Unfortunate matches - being at a 'table' with three other people who get every single question wrong can sometimes make you feel a lot smarter, but more often than not it just makes you think of the wrong answer yourself; especially when they have a mic on and won't stop talking about what they had for dinner.

Overall, 1 vs. 100 is a great game for the whole family as well as your friends, and you can download it directly from your Xbox 360's dashboard for free. Make sure to catch the live show; who knows, maybe you'll win the grand prize yourself!


Title: 1 vs. 100
Platform: Xbox 360 Arcade
Price: Free
Developed by: Microsoft Game Studios
Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
Rating: Teen
Released: November 19, 2009