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#1 reason behind most phobias

Nothing to Fear © D.P. Clarke
Nothing to Fear © D.P. Clarke
Nothing to Fear © D.P. Clarke

Research by a site that does real estate searches, Estately, came up with a list of things that people fear. They categorized them by state in America. The list can be viewed here. The researchers concluded that if you’re afraid of spiders, don’t live in Texas. And, because of hurricanes, tornadoes, and shark attacks, Florida is the most fearful state of all.

Being afraid is a normal reaction to a real threat. The key word is ‘real’. On the other had, phobias are a result of threats that are perceived. Pho-bi-a = a compulsive and persistent fear of a specific object or situation; aversion to or fear of. Fear of heights, fall and die. Fear of spiders and snakes, get bit and die. Fear of thunder, struck by lightning and die. Fear of water, fall in, drown and die. Fear of flying, crash and die. Fear of germs, touch something unclean, catch a disease and die.

Can one see a pattern?

One thing that could result from any of these events actually happening is that it would hurt. Thus, the penultimate reason behind most phobias is the fear of pain. However, the ultimate end result of all those fears is that one could end up dead. So, the number one reason behind these phobias is the fear of dying.

However, one can take a proactive approach to conquering their fears. For instance, ones reaction, when faced with what they fear, might be more dangerous than the object of that fear. Say one who is not afraid of heights climbs a ladder to vacuum the drapes, sees a spider, falls off and breaks their arm. Perhaps they should have been afraid of heights, but one cannot avoid living their life, or dying, forever. So, take swimming lessons, get out of storms, use caution on ladders, learn if poisonous spiders/snakes live in your state and don’t worry about the rest.

Fear of death can strangle the life out of someone long before the event actually occurs. It can keep one locked in their home, afraid to go outside. It can make one an obsessive-compulsive cleaner, afraid to touch anything they haven’t wiped down with a sanitary cloth. This is not the way a loving God, who created humans in His image, wants His children to live. Yes death will eventually come. It is unavoidable.

But, if one is a believer, then death is only an entrance into eternity. The beginning of a new life spent with their heavenly Father and their bridegroom, Lord Jesus, in a new earthly paradise free of things that could kill them.

In addition, believers have a fail safe in regards to the very real dangers of earthly existence. Namely, the Spirit of the Lord sent to help them. He can warn one of impending danger if they know how to listen to His voice. If one is uncertain about their ability to hear His voice, view this short teaching video on “Hearing the Voice of God.”