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1 Minute Workout

HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS and SEX that gets BETTER with agePhoto by Alexis Cuarezma

“Do something today that your future self with thank you for”
– Hindsight

If we’ve had the habit of not-doing for a long time, very often what causes us to pick up a book like this one is the result of reaching a health-threshold; that is, where we can’t take being unhealthy one second longer, and we decide to do something about it.

And that’s excellent.

It’s also why most of us fail with our attempts to escape an inactive lifestyle.

When we make that mental flip of “driving our car in reverse” to “driving full speed ahead” we tend to gun it, tires squealing and transmission straining in the process.

While this has excellent psychological benefits initially, the resulting muscle fatigue and soreness that results the next day can, and often does, halt any future momentum. We get frustrated, we realize we never could do it anyway, and we revert back to our old lifestyle.

To avoid that pattern, what we’re going to do is ease into our exercise to ensure success. Just like smoking, we’ll start with “just one.”

The one minute exercise is a daily habit. Which means we absolutely, positively, are guaranteed to exercise every day, no matter what… for one minute.

And, in that minute, we’re only going to do a single exercise for that minute.

For now, it doesn't matter what that exercise is. It could be anything from flapping our arms up and down like a bird to going up and down stairs. The point is that we do it.

We’ll delve into more specific exercises and routines shortly. But for now, all that matters is that we exercise for one minute, every day.

Starting… now! It doesn’t matter if we don’t know what to do, as long as we do something, right now! Go! Go! (seriously, go!)

Excerpt from "Health, Wealth, Happiness & Sex that gets BETTER with age"