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1-minute parking sign photo goes viral: L.A. more fast-paced than once thought?

It has always been a given that folks in Los Angeles live a fast-paced life, but this is a tad bit too fast-paced even for the good folks of this bustling city. It seems that for the last few years, the city that is notorious for over-the-top parking fees and fines has had one parking space that was mistakenly marked 1-minute parking.

1-minute parking sign is too short a time to do anything!

A 1-minute parking sign doesn't leave time for drivers to do much of anything once they've parked their car. Some people take longer than the amount of time the sign allots for just getting their belongings together before exiting their vehicle.

According to the NBC Bay Area News on June 21, the 1-minute parking sign in downtown Los Angeles is a typo, which should have read 1-hour parking. After a photographer for an area newspaper snapped a picture of the sign, it went viral online.

The funny part about this story is that the sign has been there with that same typo since at least 2011 and no one from the city made an attempt to correct the mistake until now. It has since been removed and replaced, now giving motorists a full hour of parking, like it should have indicated in the first place!

Was it a bit of an embarrassment for the city to gain nationwide attention over this mistake? Whatever the reason, all of the sudden it was gone. Maybe that is the way to get the city officials to fix things that are in dire need of being fixed, post a picture online and hope it gets shared enough to turn into an embarrassment?

CBS News reports the sign was in the 11700 block of the San Vicente Boulevard. They predicted the sign wouldn't be fixed for another couple of weeks, as this is what someone from the city's DOT told them on Friday. Low and behold, it only took two days.

A email from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation confirmed that the parking sign allowing only a minute of parking was indeed on an L.A. street. Jonathan Hui, the spokesperson for the L.A. DOT said that it was Wednesday that they received a report that the sign was there.

By Friday a new sign had been fabricated and used to replace the one containing the mistake. Apparently they do have the power to work fast when the eyes of the nation are looking down on them!

Last month a man in Indianapolis got so tired of the pothole problem taking many cars as victims that did something for it to get noticed. He planted a tree in the pothole, right in the middle of the street. According to INC Now, the man planted the tree as a protest for the delays when fixing the potholes in the city.

This was Kurt Flock's way of taking out his frustrations on the pothole riddled city! You can check out the video above to see just how nice the pot hole looked after Flock's green thumb fixed it up.

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