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1 minute parking sign: Epic fail on traffic post, sign error replaced with hour

1 minute parking sign turns heads, epic fail corrected
1 minute parking sign turns heads, epic fail corrected
WUSA9 News, Facebook Photo File

A 1 minute parking sign was finally noticed this week, but not before the epic fail became a veritable internet sensation. Although a number of motorists in the Los Angeles area were utterly flummoxed by the post on a local traffic sign, it appears that the word “minute” was exchanged with “hour,” causing all of the subsequent confusion. Fox News confirms this Monday, June 23, 2014, that the sign error has since been fixed and replaced.

Many city signs are restrictive in terms of how long a motorist may park along a busy street, yet a 1 minute parking sign is nothing less than absurd. This eyebrow-raising post was no prank, however; it appears to have been a simple mistake. The street marking error looks to have either gone unnoticed or mentioned for years, but the epic fail was finally reported to city officials so that it might be corrected.

The faulty sign quite literally read “1 minute parking” instead of one hour. Although it has since been replaced, WUSA 9 News adds in their additional coverage today that the traffic post was located on the intersection of Montana Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard. After several confused motorists had the common sense — as well as the humor — to post the erroneous sign onto public networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the photo quickly went viral. Most people just laughed it off or remained bemused, but others said it was a “sign” (pun not intended) of poor service.

A Los Angeles spokesperson for the city’s Transportation Department made a public statement yesterday, asserting that the sign which only allotted a single minute to park was simply an oversight — a big typo, if you will. He added that there no was no intentional malice or prank involved in the message. No formal complaint regarding the odd post was reportedly filed by any motorists for months; it took an employee member to finally spot the online buzz and contact the transit agency about the time window error.

The epic fail has since been replaced with a correct “1 hour parking” sign. So for visitors in the area, one has a full 60 minutes (instead of a paltry 60 seconds) to actually run one’s errands or visit a friend at the busy Los Angeles intersection. Do you think you would have notice the mistake, or simply not parked in the overly restricted parking zone?

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