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1 minute parking? Photo of wonky LA street sign's one-minute max goes viral

One Minute Parking?
One Minute Parking?
Laura E. Davis / Twitter

One minute parking? We know that finding a parking spot in Los Angeles can be problematic, but is this the solution – to swap out cars every 60 seconds or so? A parking sign on San Vicente Boulevard gives the max parking time as just “1 Minute” instead of “1 Hour,” but who proof reads street signs?

Los Angeles Times staffer Laura Davis originally snapped the pic and posted the photo to Instagram and Twitter, where it was promptly picked up by Reddit and launched into its viral glory. The sign’s preposterous message has now touched off mockery throughout the L.A. area, which isn’t exactly known for having fare-friendly parking meters.

On my way to Fresno. Probably no "1 minute parking" signs there, but I'll be on the lookout: @lauraelizdavis

The sign has been there since at least 2011, reported, meaning that either no one pays attention to the complicated parking signage posted all over the city, or they just knew it was a quacked-out sign and didn’t care. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation confirmed they already did something about it.

“The sign was reported on Wednesday, June 18,” said LADOT spokesman Jonathan Hui. “We fabricated a new sign and replaced it today, June 20, around 11 a.m.”

The new sign allegedly says: “3,600 Second Parking on Labor Day, Arbor Day and Every Other Week According to the Julian Calendar.”

Per NBC: “At least one major North American city has legitimate 60-second parking, and it's no typo. Calgary reportedly has 1-minute parking signs that authorities said they would only enforce in the event of a complaint.”

Calgary's city roads spokesman on their one-minute signs: “It does seem a little bit silly,”

Just a bit.

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