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1 million lotto ticket: Two men suing for their 1 million after trashing ticket

A winning one million dollar lotto ticket – down the drain. Or in this case, in the trash. Two men from New York allegedly had, and then trashed, a winning New Jersey lotto ticket worth a million smackaroos. The two buddies anted up for a handful of tickets, then threw out their payout, and now want that State of New Jersey to shell out. The chances of this lawsuit succeeding are about one in…

To be fair, Salvatore Cambria and Erik Onyango, from Suffern, N.Y., do have a few things going for them in their lawsuit. The men say that although they don’t have the actual winning ticket, they do have the next best thing – the tickets sold directly before and after the big winner. The men say that based on the serial numbers, it’s obvious that they held the winning ticket.

They also say that New Jersey’s Lottery website incorrectly listed the previous day’s winning numbers instead of the current day. Explains the Washington Post:

According to an attorney for Cambria and Onyango, the two men checked the New Jersey Lottery Web site just after the 11 p.m. drawing March 23, 2013, to see whether any of their tickets were winners. Cambria threw one of the tickets in the trash, thinking it was a loser. Now, the two friends claim that the state’s Web site listed the previous day’s drawing and that they realized their error too late.

“It’s not as if the lottery commission or the state of New Jersey or whoever would be losing money,” the men’s attorney Edward Logan said. “There was a winning ticket that was sold and these people have proven that they’re the ones who bought it.”

The New York Daily News carried a photo of the two men, proudly displaying their two non-winning Powerball tickets that they say serve as proof that the prize-winner was sandwiched in there.

“By the time they realized what happened, their money was headed to a garbage dump somewhere in Canada,” Logan said.

Cambria and Onyango routinely pop over the state line and purchase their lottery tickets at a 7-Eleven in Mahwah, N.J., according to their lawsuit. The pair are regulars – like a couple of sots at a local saloon – and the employees know them well.

The men say their winning ticket matched five of the six numbers – still worth a million dollars. Another fellow from New Jersey, Passaic deli owner Pedro Quezada, won the full $338 million jackpot in the same drawing.

Their attorney actually said it’s a long shot, which, on a side note… Why would any attorney admit to the media that his or her lawsuit has little to no chance of being successful?

“It’s a sad story,” said Logan. “People live and die on this stuff. But they don’t have the ticket, so the lawsuit is a long shot.”

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