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1 Million Children on Chap Oscar's Heart

Help Chap Oscar Help Children
Help Chap Oscar Help Children
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NATIONWIDE Every year very Preventable Injuries kill almost 1 million children around the world. For me keeping our children safe is a Chap Oscar high priority and why should any one of us stand by idly while our children are stripped of the opportunity to follow their dreams.? Marsha and I are proud of our two sons EJ and Henry who are now grown and as well we are very excited about the children of a host of relatives and friends who deserve the chance to grow up to be whatever they imagine. A few days ago this was a question thrown in my face from a casual acquaintance who happens to be a local pastor of a rather large church here in Nashville, TN "Chap why would anyone want to be a chaplain there is no money in it at all". The initiatives for me focus on awareness and outreach as a ministry and he found it strange to do anything in the realm of community work without making money. Over the many years I have developed patience to listen to the heartless comments until one of their loved ones has a need for prayer and perhaps a hospital visit from Chap Oscar. One of the best ways to keep our children safe is to spread the word. This year my appeal is for you to Join Chap Oscar's Shout Out Team called America Safe@ Home and we've actually made it easy this year with a clever fundraiser that all you would have to do is share it with your family, friends and co workers or anyone who cares about children. There is nothing worse in my opinion than for a parent to lose a chid, now imagine for one moment what if the tragedy could have been PREVENTED. When a child dies the lives of families are changed for ever Lord knows I know this is a fact not just me trying to be profound. Globally a child dies from a preventable injury every 30 seconds. here in America alone over 9 million children are treated for injuries in emergency rooms every year often with injuries that affect them for a lifetime. More than 3,000 kids are treated in hospitals after swallowing button batteries, you know the little hearing aids and calculator coin batteries. These when not locked away and out of sight become tempting to the kiddies. Put duct tape around them as a precaution. The National Battery Ingestion Hotline is (202) 625-3333 please share this with parents with small children.

Your Donation Makes a Difference! Here in the Middle TN region we have a unique SaverSite Guide that is filled with thousands of dollars in savings. Our 2015 Edition is available now. We never beg for money this is our Annual Fundraiser with all proceeds going to help Chap Oscar continue this timely Outreach. We are not a non profit however we will provide you with a statement to recognize your donations. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

Special Thanks to our Darren, Sarah and Alyssa Wolf spending quality time with us this week from Heyworth, Illinois.

Chaplain Oscar Smith,