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1 Million and Counting!

Fog Bridge at the Exploratorium
Fog Bridge at the Exploratorium
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Since the Exploratorium opened in their new space last April, just 1 year ago, they've already had one million visitors! In the past, at the old location, they averaged 400,000 a year. Appropriately enough, the 1 millionth was a 5 year old girl by the name of Kamiya-Lee Luchetti.

Little did she know when she visited her grandmother on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, what was in store for her when she arrived at the Exploratorium.

Kamiya-Lee and her family were greeted as she entered by the Executive Director of the Exploratorium with a bag of goodies and an annual membership to the museum.

Wearing a navy blue jacket over a black shirt with maroon trim, and a small brimmed 'Brixton' -type ribbed hat with a wide gray and black striped hat-band, Kamiya-Lee looked like one of the reporters who was interviewing her for Channel 7 News...but more adorable.

'I love science, and we don't have very much of it at home, but I really like doing things like science.' said Kamiya. Someone should tell her that when her mom or dad bakes a cake, or a batch of cookies, or fixes dinner, that is science, too!

Having made her statement, Kamiya-Lee Luchetti didn't waste much time trying out the displays and exhibits near her. With her annual membership, she'll get to see as much science as she can assimilate.