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1 Hour Review

1 Hour is a pretty good idea. We became interested in 1 Hour Break, for its sedating ability. However, it does other things. It will calm you down if you are having a panic attack and it will help to de-stress when you are in the middle of a chaotic situation.

1 Hour

We do not have panic attacks and there is little stress in our life. But, then again, it only stands to reason that if it works for sedative purposes, then, it probably will work well for other/related physical maladies.

The taste of 1 Hr Break is not great. In fact, it's a blast of minty strength, unlike any breath spray or Altoid that we have ever experienced. We only add this because we would be remiss if we did not.

The first night that we tried 1 Hr Break, it put us right to sleep, which is not our norm, by any means. The second night, it did not work, which is also our norm. We have decided that even with the rough taste, we will continue to use it because getting to sleep is sometimes an all-night challenge.

For some products, it is necessary to weigh the positives with the negatives. 1 Hr Break is a great idea. It could also use some polish, particularly in the flavor area.

The good news is that 1 Hr Break is working on that very thing. Via IndieGogo, they are preparing for a product re-do, particularly in the flavor area. Have a look.

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