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1 Easy Step for Local Business to Increase their Search Rankings

There is an overwhelming amount of information available in regards to websites ranking higher on search engines. Sifting through it all, internalizing strategies and learning to recognize what information is flat out incorrect is a daunting task. However, there is a very straight forward marketing activity that can be done by local business that will show an increase in rank in most situations.

There are many old and inactive city directory websites modeled after CitySearch, the internet yellow pages and others. The backbone of this strategy is finding which directory sites have listed your business information on their websites. Typically, if you type in the name of your business into google and surf through pages 3+ you will find several. When you go to these type of websites you will inevitably find listings that have incorrect hours, old logos or your website listed wrong. Changing this information to the correct listing can have an affect upon your website rankings if the phone number, address or website are not correctly listed. It also is a productive marketing strategy in terms of unifying information and making certain branding is current across all channels- especially the ones you might not know about.

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