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$1 cat adoption this July in Chicago

Help TACS with this challenge!
Help TACS with this challenge!
The Anti-Cruelty Society - Chicago

The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s (TACS) and largest animal shelter is gearing up for a very special adoption event that will take place Friday, July 11th through Sunday, July 13th. The adoption event will feature $1 cat adoption fees.

TACS’ mission for dollar cat days is that their many feline friends will be able to find their forever home and the shelter will be able to boost their adoption numbers, helping them toward their effort to win the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge that they are participating in. In fact, they happen to be the only shelter in the State of Illinois even competing for this prestigious challenge.

Besides The Anti-Cruelty Society, Tree House Humane Society and Felines & Canines will team up for the cats during this 3-day adoption event they are calling ONE for the Purrfect ONE. The ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge could not have been posed at a better time than during the peak of Chicago’s “Kitten Season.” (Summer is the time of year when the cat population tends to rise.)

This trio will work together, simultaneously hosting the dollar cat days so that they can find homes for as many cats as possible. Between all three shelters, adoption fees normally range from $65 to $100 per cat. This adoption fee includes all vaccinations, spay or neuter, permanent identification microchip, and a veterinary examination.

“Within the past decade we have seen the dog population in Chicago decline due to major spay/neuter efforts as well as the societal acceptance of pet adoption in general,” said Dr. Robyn Barbiers, President of The Anti-Cruelty Society. “Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the cat population. On average The Anti-Cruelty Society houses about 75% more cats than dogs.”

“Cats make great companions. They are fun, affectionate, and don’t need to go for walks,” said Abby Smith, Executive Director of Felines & Canines. “There are many different kinds of cats that are in Chicago’s shelters waiting for their forever home. We encourage everyone to spend some time with cats and give them a chance to steal your heart.”

Pet adoption has come a long way. This is just another effort by these fine institutions to give the feline population an opportunity to be showcased so that the community at large can see just how great having a cat companion can be!

For more information about ONE for the Purrfect ONE CATpaign, please call (312) 644-8338 or visit Become a friend, fan or follower of The Anti-Cruelty Society on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube!

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