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$1 billion in aid but no water for dry California

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President Obama promised to seek $1 billion from Congress to aid Californians in the drought-stricken state. The aid is to be used to help communities manage the effects of climate change, according to a Fox News report.

Climate change, however, does not cause drought but rather enabled a political opportunity. Lack of rainfall is a common natural occurrence in California. What is not natural but common in California is diverting waters away from agricultural areas that grow food crops, thus disabling an important industry and ensuring dependence on government for its workers.

The aid package includes limiting water to the most severely stricken areas where California’s agriculture grows food for the nation. The aid package will serve the food banks that feed the families most affected. What these families need most is the water. While free food is nice, water would help the farmers grow their own food and help themselves.

But that’s not how our government helps. Better to put once productive farmers out of work and enter them onto the rolls of the needy. Remove their independence by taking away what water there is. Grow dependence on the government dole.

Even Governor Brown is party to that unworkable approach. He declared California’s drought emergency on January 17. Together, the governor and president put California’s most productive people out of work, instead of funding large national water projects such as NEWTAP to bring water to California from where it’s abundant.

It's the water, stupid.