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1,500 teens trash mansion: Twitter nightclub party destroys home

1500 teens trash mansion during nightclub party
1500 teens trash mansion during nightclub party
Champion Sound Twitter

Over 1,500 teens trash a mansion when a party goes out of control. Now a home looks like a natural disaster hit it, and many teens were arrested for fighting police and underage drinking. This might have started off as a good time, but things became extremely chaotic after an invite to the party was sent out via social media. The Twitter invite made this party grow to an out of control state. On May 6, The Inquisitr reported on the party and the trouble that followed.

The party was held on Friday night, but the police were still handing calls at the home until 6 a.m. Saturday morning. The home the party was held at was still under construction, and it is owned by a mother with her son. It wasn't clear if the mother and son would be charged for the out of control party. The police began receiving calls about the noise from the party before 10 p.m. that night.

How much damage was caused by the teens attending the party? The house received $70,000 in damage from the party. The homeowner sent out the call about the party on social media, and it is suggested by one law enforcement official that social media is probably not the best way to invite people to your party. That much is made abundantly clear by the events surrounding this Ontario, Canada house party.

Video and photos from the party shared on social media show just how chaotic the party was for those that attended. Many interviewed did not seem to mind the chaos, but they were surprised by how many people actually showed up. What do you think? Would you attend a party that used social media to invite you?