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1,500 teens trash mansion: Twitter invite answered by 1,500 mansion trashers

If 1,500 teens trashed your mansion, what would you say? Okay, we may not be wealthy estate owners, but let’s scale it down to size. Say 100 teens showed up at your modest three bedroom ranch and started pissing on the walls and busting out windows. Now multiple that by 15. You’ve got a rager, and the unrestrained party is a stunning testament to the power of social media combined with the idiocy of teenagers in a frenzied group.

The Ontario, Canada house party almost brought the walls down – literally, according to CNN on May 5. A crush of teens flooded the 5,000 square foot mansion that is still under construction last Friday, causing a whopping $70,000 in damage to the building’s walls, windows and stairwells. Ontario police think that as many as 2,000 teens may have been there in total throughout Friday night; when police arrived they estimated that the mansion and grounds contained at least 1,500 drunk teens.

The social gathering turned brutish bash started innocuously enough – the unnamed homeowner’s son invited some friends over for a shindig. But when invites start airing out on social media, no one knows who may come answering. News of the party soon went viral on Twitter, using the hashtag #MansionParty.

“There was just kids coming in packs of 10, 20, literally no room to walk in the house,” said a shocked neighbor. Teens converged so quickly that some neighbors compared it to a massive beehive that was disturbed – layers of teens absolutely everywhere, buzzing about in and out of the mansion. Over 200 cars were parked in front of, and on, the mansion’s dirt lawn.

“There was a potential, a real potential for something to happen something deadly,” said Thomas Ruttan with Peel Regional Police. Officers were assaulted by some of the teens, resulting in arrests. Inside, after police had cleared the property, they found busted windows, broken banister railings, holes punched in walls, urination, graffiti and beer cans galore.

NewsMax reports that complaints started coming in at around 10 p.m. Friday night. Multiple police precincts responded by sending approximately 60 patrol units to the address. Additional K-9 units were brought in and it took officers all night – until 5 a.m. – to sort out the fracas and clear the property. Because the invite was sent out and authored by the homeowner, police said they could not arrest anyone for trespassing.

Ruttan said for that reason alone, caution should be used when advertising a party on social media.”We want to make the public aware that social media may not be the best place to advertise the party,” Ruttan said. “Simply because we're not really aware of just how far-reaching social media really is.”

Here's some YouTube video of the party and some of the teens describing the aftermath.

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