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$1,075 reward offered for Macon Doggy Doe, who had to be humanely euthanized

Reward offered for information leading to arrest of abusers

A $1,075 has been offered for information on the owner of a dog found in Georgia, Facebook reported May 15.

This sweet boy was found yesterday at the corner of Feagin Mill Road and Richardson Road in Macon, GA.

Animal control was called in, and Macon Doggy Doe, now named "Issac," was transported to the vet, where he was assessed.

Issac was estimated to be between 2-3 years old. His injuries were old and infected, a bone was protruding from his leg, his nails were so long they were grown into the pads of his feet (indicating that someone had possession of this dog and he didn't have the ability to walk around/dig to file his nails down).

This sweet dog was completely emaciated. After an assessment, animal control then transported him to the home of an animal lover named Amanda, where they determined that he was past the point of recovery.

Issac was a sweet, gentle dog and despite being so severely neglected and hurt, he never once growled or nipped at any of those who were doing their best to help him.

Someone needs to pay for this horrific abuse. Those in the world of animal welfare have sworn they'll not rest until charges are filed against whoever did this.

At the time of this article, the reward stands at $1,075. Others are commenting on the Facebook thread that they are willing to contribute to the reward.

Several newspapers, as well as news stations are planning to run the story by Friday.

Please share this boy with the hope someone will have to face what they've done, and be held accountable. The photo has been mosiaced out because it's graphic. The Facebook thread, listed above, showed the original image. A warning has been sent to the poster by Facebook stating the photo will be removed, due to its graphic nature.

Contact information is listed below. Amanda Kilgore can be contacted via Facebook, to ask about or contribute to the reward.

Bibb County Sheriffs Office/La...
110 Confederate Way
(478) 742-8118

Bibb County Sheriff's Office
668 Oglethorpe St
(478) 746-9441

Bibb County Sheriff
601 Mulberry St, #121
(478) 621-6468

Macon Police Department
911 1st St
(478) 751-7500

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