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$1,000 tip Ginger Man: Generous customer leaves server $1,000 tip

A generous customer left a big $1,000 tip for a Ginger Man restaurant server in Albany, NY Wednesday night. Michael Shafts served dinner to a woman and her husband like he would anyone else. At the end of the meal, the woman took Shafts aside and told him that her husband did something very special for him and that the gift he'll find is a sincere gesture.

The Ginger Man waiter was shocked to see such a massive tip on the $113.89 receipt. As Times Union reports July 18, the tip calculated to 878 percent, or about 44 times, more than Shafts would have thought he might receive.

Michael is also a credit union employee and has waited tables at the Albany restaurant a few nights a week for five years. The $1,000 tip for the Ginger Man waiter came with a brief message from the man he just waited on. It read, "Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!"

The man and his wife were at the restaurant for a celebration dinner for his 47th birthday. Shafts shares:

"I shook his hand, I hugged him twice, and I said it was too much, twice. He insisted, twice, that he wanted to do it, that it was legitimate."

Other servers at Ginger Man have been given up to 100 percent tips, but the one Shafts received is the without question the highest in terms of dollars and percentage.

The diners weren't from Albany, they were from out of town. The waiter had never met the couple before Wednesday night. Shafts said the feeling was "surreal" and that he "couldn't feel" his legs. He spent part of the $1,000 on long overdue car repair.

The $1,000 tip at The Ginger Man restaurant went a long ways while fulfilling a request from the one who gifted it to him.

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